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Thursday, September 11, 2003
PLA Table Contents -- Introduction

As promised, below is a table of contents of a sort for some of the posts appearing here at PLA. I have attempted to sort the posts by themes. It should be no surprise that the first cut of sorting was into the areas of Politics, Law, and Autism. A fourth category unto itself is the group of posts comprising the 2002 Koufax Awards. Click on the appropriate category to jump to it or simply scroll down.

The listings are not exhaustive. I selected which posts to include. My worst writing, incorrect predictions and just plain stupid stuff remains buried in the archives where I hope it never sees the light of day.

Before posting the table, I wish to call your attention to the PLA copyright policy. It is contained in this post. It purportedly originated with Woody Guthrie. The policy says:
This song is Copyrighted in U.S., under Seal of Copyright # 154085, for a period of 28 years, and anybody caught singin it without our permission, will be mighty good friends of ourn, cause we don't give a dern. Publish it. Write it. Sing it. Swing to it. Yodel it. We wrote it, that's all we wanted to do.

That is all I wanted to do as well.


I have written a number of essays for PLA about politics, broadly defined. It was difficult to categorize some of those posts. I finally decided to organize the posts into the following seven categories:

1) Honesty and the Bush Administration

2) Economic Performance (The Just For The Record Series and other posts)

3) Budgets and Taxes

4) The Policy Making Process of the Bush Administration

5) Foreign Policy

6) The Responsibility Era

7) Politics and Race

1.Honesty and the Bush Administration

The following essays concern the truthfulness of the Bush Administration:

9/27/02 Uniters and Dividers

10/19/02 George W. Bush as Eddie Haskell -- Part I

10/19/02 George W. Bush as Eddie Haskell -- Part II

10/22/02 To Tell the Truth

10/28/02 That’s Their Story and They’re Sticking To It

11/21/02 Mistaken Identity

12/09/02 Count Your Fingers

12/17/02 Count Your Fingers Update

2/22/03 Hall Of Fame

2/25/03 Lies, Distortions and Deception

7/15/03 Cue David Letterman

8/06/03 Promise Breakers

2. Economic Performance (The Just For The Record series and other posts)

10/16/02 Just for the Record -- Budget Deficits

10/24/02 Just for the Record Part II -- Government Employment

10/27/03 Just for the Record Part III – Economic Growth

10/27/02 Just for the Record Part IV – Unemployment

10/31/02 Just for the Record Part V - Inflation

3/02/03 Just for the Record—Budget Deficits Revisited

11/11/02 Utterly Wrong

10/20/02 GOP “Economic Plan"

1/07/03 Heresy

7/09/03 Economic Performance and Political Party of the President

8/7/03 Job Creation Scorecard For July

3. Budgets and Taxes

Another category of posts is Budgets and Taxes

12/07/02 Double Taxation

4/12/03 A Budget Balanced (Maybe, Sort of, Someday)

4/20/03 Get The Lead Out

4/23/03 Is The Social Security Trust Fund a Fraud?

4/25/03 Krugman vs. Luskin

5/07/03 A Powerful Resistance to Shame

5/5/03 Paging Ken Starr

7/19/03 Faith Based Budgets

7/19/03 Bill O’Reilly and Rumplestiltskin

7/25/03 The Tao of Deb – Deficits Matter

7/20/03 Choose Wisely

8/12/03 Would You Like a New BMW?

4. The Policy Making Process of the Bush Administration

Those posts include the following:

8/28/02 Tactical Hubris

9/04/02 Be Careful What You Ask For

9/21/02 Why the GOP is like the Mets, or The Failure of Republican Domestic Policies

9/25/02 Garbage In – Garbage Out

12/08/02 They Have A Secret

12/11/02 More Secrecy

1/11/03 George And The Wolf

1/24/03 Karl’s Magic Elixir

4/03/03 Joliet George

4/07/03 Contempt For Congress

5/09/03 Tax Cuts – A Faith Based Initiative

5/26/03 Ivory Tower Dreamers

7/28/03 Contempt For Facts

6. Foreign Policy

The next category concerns foreign policy. Those posts include the following:

9/29/02 Terrorism and U.S. Responses 1980-1988

10/03/02 Disarmament vs. Regime Change

10/06/02 Coup, Assassination or Exile

2/05/03 Investigation Costs

3/08/03 The Real Story

8/06/03 Blue Ribbon Panel

8/08/03 Gorelick Must Resign the 9/11 Commission

8/29/03 The Kay Standard

6. The Responsibility Era

Another category consists of essays on Mr. Bush’s introduction of the Era of Responsibility. Those essays include the following:

2/10/03 The Responsibility Era

2/11/03 The Responsibility Era -- Foreign Policy

2/12/03 The Responsibility Era – The 9/11 Investigation

2/13/03 The Responsibility Era -- The Balanced Budget Amendment

2/27/03 Taking Responsibility

7. Politics and Race

The following posts concern race and American poltics.

12/25/02 Political Morality vs. Political Expediency

12/24/02 Tolerance

1/06/03 American Heroes


PLA posts about the law are divided into two groups. The first group consists of posts about tort reform. The second group consists of essays on various other aspects of the law.

Tort Reform

11/22/02 Missing Class Can be Costly

1/18/03 The Damages Cap

1/18/03 Defensive Medicine

1/23/03 Tort Reform and Frivolous Suits

3/06/03 Tort Reform Quiz

3/05/03 A Different Kind Of Medical Malpractice Reform

3/13/03 No Pricing Power

3/31/03 More Tort Reform and the Damages Cap

3/31/03 Tort Reform Stalls In Senate

5/21/03 Curbing Frivolous Lawsuits – A Tort Reform Proposal

5/22/03 Eliminate Junk Science --- A Tort Reform Proposal

5/24/03 George Bush’s Perverse View of Juries

6/15/03 Medical Malpractice – By The Numbers

7/01/03 Mort Zuckerman Gets Busted

7/22/03 Frivolous Suits and Improper Purposes

7/24/03 Focus The Mind

8/15/03 How to Deal with Frivolous Suits

8/20/03 Better Evidence

8/28/03 A Different Kind Of Tort Reform

Essays on Various Other Legal Issues

9/14/02 The Law and Politics of the Second Amendment: a Liberal View

11/26/02 Reshaping Miranda

1/04/03 Juries

1/12/03 A Renewable Resource – Victory

2/1/03 Write The Letter

1/30/03 Washington Legal Foundation Funding

1/28/03 The Outrageous Washington Legal Foundation

2/07/03 Video Tape All In-Custody Interrogations

1/27/03 Affirmative Access

2/13/03 Filibuster, Fairness and Moral Authority

2/22/03 A Plague on Both Their Houses

3/07/03 The Politics of the Estrada Filibuster

3/07/03 The 8th Amendment and Proportionality

3/03/03 Federalism, The Commerce Clause And Cloning

3/12/03 Two Masters

4/10/03 Like a Good Neighbor

5/12/03 Judicial Nominations and Republican Plans

6/4/03 The Blogger and The Beauty Queen

6/23/03 Justice O’Connor’s Expectation

5/05/03 Jurors Turn Away From Death Penalty

6/29/03 Individualized Consideration

8/28/03 Eye Witness Testimony


I have written a number of posts about autism. The first group of posts concerns family life in a household with an autistic child. The second group concerns autism issues in the news and my commentary on those issues.

Family Life

8/29/02 What is Autism?

9/01/02 Autism, Paul Lynde and Obsession

9/17/02 Autism and Siblings

9/27/02 Autism, Diet and Laughter

10/15/02 Autism — Fun At An IEP

5/16/03 Tell His Parents

6/01/03 Restaurant Rules

News and Commentary

9/10/02 Autism--- An N of 1

9/22/02 Autism – Bruno Bettelheim and the Nature of Evil

10/18/02 Autism -- Increase in the Incidence of Autism

11/12/02 Autism, Pure Rage and Thimerosal

11/14 Homeland Security and Thimerosal

11/16 Thimerosal Update

11/19/02 More Thimerosal and Autism

11/27/02 Autism -- And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

11/25/02 Autism -- Repeal The Birth Tax

12/10/02 Autism and Vaccines in the News

12/19/02 Thimerosal Again

12/23/02 Under Cover of Darkness

12/24/02 The Natural Experiment

1/11/03 The Incidence of Autism -- The CDC Study

1/22/03 The Birth Tax Just Went Up

1/20/03 Autism -- Finding Acceptance

2/07/03 Researchers May have Found A Genetic Link to Autism

2/04/03 Limbaugh and Bettelheim: The Blame the Parents Brigade

3/29/03 Senator Frist’s Proposed Changes To The NVICP

4/09/03 A Correlation Between Thimerosal and Autism

5/02/03 Were Newton and Einstein On The Autism Spectrum?

5/13/03 Let’s Hope Al Qaeda Does Not Recruit Autistics

6/24/03 Forced Vaccinations – Some Questions

6/26/03 Forced Vaccinations – Some Proposed Answers

7/10/03 Forced Vaccinations – Anthrax

7/08/03 A Sad Tale

7/07/03 Autism- Multiple Causes?

7/22/03 Autism and Head Circumference - The JAMA Article

8/18/03 Speeding For Autism

8/23/03 A Cruise On The Lake

8/24/03 Torrance Cantrell – Rest In Peace

8/25/03 Torrance Cantrell’s Death Ruled Homocide

8/27/03 Sympathy For the Mother

The 2002 Koufax Awards

The following posts comprise all of the posts about the 2002 Koufax Awards.

12/12/02 Announcing The Koufax Awards

12/16/02 And The Nominees Are …

12/16/02 Best Pro Blogger

12/16/02 Best Blog

12/16/02 Best Writing

12/16/02 Best Series Nominations

12/16/02 Best Post

12/16/02 Best Single Issue Blog

12/16/02 Most Humorous Blog

12/16/02 Most Humorous Post

12/16/02 Best Commentor

12/16/02 Best New Blog

12/16/02 Best Special Effects

12/16/02 Best Design

1/03/03 The 2002 Koufax Award Winners Are…

1/03/03 Best Pro Blogger

1/03/03 Best Blog

1/03/03 Best Series

1/03/03 Best Writing

1/03/03 Best Post

1/03/03 Best Single Issue Blog

1/03/03 Most Humorous Blog

1/03/03 Most Humorous Post

1/03/03 Best Commentor

1/03/03 Best New Blog

1/03/03 Best Special Effects

1/03/03 Best Design